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praxisberlin02"MedicalCenter Mommsenstraße"

The MedicalCenter Mommsenstraße is a private outpatient clinic for patients suffering from cancer, and other chronic diseases. We employ the principles of Naturopathy within the context of conventional medical practice and understand this holistic approach as complementary therapy and patient care next to conventional medicine. We offer a wide range of therapies of Naturopathy and Lifestyle Regulation therapy (Ordnungstherapie). This enables us to develop in close collaboration with the patient individual therapy models.

Dr. Kalden's holistic concept is not a mere theoretical one but rather a compilation of decades of studies, work, learning and researching underlined by close patient-doctor collaboration. In the meanwhile his concept enjoys growing recognition amongst doctors and patients. For almost 30 years now, Dr. Kalden has elaborated this concept continuously. He started within the in-patient sector and employs his knowledge today in his out-patient clinics in Dortmund and Berlin.

The core of all efforts is an individualized approach to every patient and the patient's motivation to create the path to healing along with the care-teams' efforts
In established often academic institutions with mechanized scientific methods the patient is expected to endure any treatment without a personal say. Even if "Cancer Conferences" discuss individualized therapies more and more, they actually refer to the individuality of the tumor itself - and omit too often the patient as a whole. Which might explain the fact that most "Cancer Conferences" take place without patients.

The "MedicalCenter Mommsenstraße" offers no alternative treatment but complementary treatment and alternative care which focuses on a close collaboration with the individual patient. With us you have the advantage of a very flexible adaptation of your individual therapy to the disease development. This enhances the most important aspect of our work - a quality of life for patients.




Mommsenstraße 57

10629 Berlin-Charlottenburg


Phone +49 30 31 51 73 87-0

Fax +49 30 31 51 73 87-42

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Dr. Michael Kalden
Clinic for naturopathic treatment/

A specialist in the areas of cancer therapy, hyperthermia and naturopathy

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Christian Kalden
Osteopath, naturopathy therapist in

Expert in the field of classical osteopathy and children osteopathy

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Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Maier-Hauff

A specialist in the areas of Nanotherapy / brain tumors / Neurostimulation

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Dipl. Psych. Kerstin Kalthoff
Psychological Psychotherapist (TP)

Support and help in dealing with cancer
Home visits when needed

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