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praxisberlin07Dr. Michael Kalden MD is founder and president of the “Gesellschaft Biologische Medizin e. V.” (Society of Biological Treatment). This institution supports research work in the field of biological medicine and promotes a closer collaboration of conventional medicine and naturopathy. Dr Kalden's medical knowledge, his experience of a lifetime and ongoing efforts in research culminate in both the "Gesellschaft Biologische Medizin e. V." and simultaneously in the Kalden Clinics.

Dr. Kalden studied medicine at Marburg University and Berlin University. In 1984 he passed the state examination at "Freie Universität" Berlin and received his Doctorate in Human Genetics from Gottingen University. After working as a physician assistant in a clinic in Namibia, he began his career in Oncology. Dr. Kalden continued to study internal medicine, gynecology, dermatology, urology and general practice. In 1988 he passed his exams in General Medicine (Munich) and Naturopathy.

While finishing his studies and passing exams, he was already holding the position as Assistant Medical Director at the "Veramed Clinic" for internal medicine and oncology in Brannenburg. Being in charge from 1987-1989 he discovered innovative strategies in cancer therapy which inspired him to develop a concept for a clinic which focuses entirely on a holistic approach in cancer treatment.

In 1989 Dr. Kalden in the function of chief medical director, opened the "Veramed Hospital" in Meschede, a clinic for holistic cancer therapy. The foundation of Dr. Kalden’s unique approach is the concept of combined conventional cancer treatment with extensive naturopathy in order to achieve best results in individual cancer management. He strongly believes that a tumor can not be treated independently from the patient as a whole person. Through close cooperation with patients throughout decades, Dr. Kalden knows that better longer-term results can be observed if all possible treatment approaches are used in therapy. Only a holistic medical approach and the combination of the best therapies known, enhance and maximize the body's natural immune responses.

In 2006 Dr. Kalden went to Dortmund where he finally opened his own private clinic. This allowed him to spend more time with each patient and consequently individualize even more all therapies based on his innovative concept. He continued his research in tumor development, applying new methods of diagnosis. In close cooperation with Eidam Diagnostics he is involved in the development of a new generation of CRT (Contact Regulation Thermography) as Chief Scientific Director. Within a relatively short period of time Dr. Kalden and the Kalden Clinic-team enjoy a very good international reputation amongst experts. , Patients from all over Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Greece, England, South Africa, Cyprus and North America contact Dr. Kalden for consultation and treatment. Recognizing this growing demand he responded in 2010 with opening a second Clinic in Berlin which is the "MedicalCenter Mommsenstraße" (www.medicalcenter-mommsenstrasse.de).



Mommsenstraße 57

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