Mission and Philosophy

praxis kalden 016At the Kalden Clinic our philosophy is one of "Biological Medicine", combining traditional and holistic medical approaches for the management of cancer and other chronic diseases. We believe that good health results from the natural balance of all elements in the human body. The body's very own inherent therapeutic process can be thrown off by internal and external forces. Negative impacts such as poor nutrition habits, the lack of exercise, psychological and emotional stress in work and personal lives and poor leisure habits are weakening our bodies’ healthy immune response. Those negative influences can result in psychological and/or physical problems. Conventional medical evaluation and assessment methods do not take into account the multiple layers of potential causes for illness, and so often only treat the symptoms not the underlying cause.

Another essential area of our focus is palliative medicine and care. Palliative medicine is appropriate for patients in all disease stages and addresses physical, emotional, spiritual and social concerns. With palliative medicine we try to relive suffering in all areas of a patient's life. But especially Cancer patients with severely advanced illness often feel left behind, alone and isolated by conventional medical or hospice care. We profoundly believe that even in the most advanced stages of cancer the patient's quality of life can definitely be improved by biological medicine.

Conventional pain management therapies are combined with gentle physical treatments, acupuncture and / or other holistic multidisciplinary approaches. Our mission is to provide a more individualized and strong palliative care for good life quality of our patients.
At the Kalden Clinics, we employ 25 years of experience in traditional and holistic cancer treatment. Therefore we have been able to develop a widespread diagnostic program. This includes Contact Regulation Thermography, BET analysis, and immune system blood testing. Through this we aim at complementing conventional clinical examinations. All this gives us the additional information we need to develop highly individualized treatments against cancer and chronic diseases. Furthermore we offer a detoxification program, nutrition counseling as well as physical exercise and lifestyle management to complement more traditional approaches. All of our therapeutic models and therapies are listed under the point Treatments



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