Detoxofication by F.X. Mayr


"Toxins in the intestine make people sick, prematurely old and simply ugly." Dr F.X. Mayr

A damaged intestines are increasingly permeable, also to toxins and can easily become the source of a slowly advancing poisoning, which can damage all cells, functional elements and organs of the body.
Dr. Mayr recognized that it is due to wrong nutrition habits of western civilizations that their digestive organs do not work fully satisfactory anymore.
With its root like villi the gut extracts all substances, vitamins and minerals necessary for the nutrition of the body cells from the digested food mash. It can be concluded that the intestinal unit supplies the body with all essential nutrients and the energy all organs need to perform on a healthy basis. All our organs depend on the well functioning of the intestines. It is so to speak the "root system" of the human being.
The Detoxification Cure according to F. X. Mayr is a naturopathic therapy that is not primarily directed against symptoms but goes right to the core and treats the various causes for diverse diseases.

Essential for the recovery of the digestive system are3 principles in healing:

  1. Rest (= recovery and regeneration) of the digestive system
  2. Cleansing (= detoxification and de-acidification) of the organism
  3. Training (= training and remedial therapy of impaired functions)

These three principles applied, hold the healing power which spreads from the root (digestive system) throughout the physical entity that is the whole person.


  • disorders of intestinal activity, constipation, inclination to diarrhea, general digestive disorder, gas, bloating
  • stomach-, liver-, gall- and bladder diseases, gastric- and duodenal ulcers
  • Metabolic disorders with elevated uric acid and cholesterol levels
  • spinal-, intervertebral disc-, disorders with tension, back pain and restricted mobility
  • states of slagging, as cellulite, rheumatism, gout
  • obesity and risk factors as high blood pressure, heart- and blood circulatory disorders
  • Stress-related autonomic and psychosomatic disorders such as migraine and others
  • Premature aging and over consumption of resources, decline in performance, overwork syndrome, osteoporosis, general immune- and regeneration deficiencies
  • Diabetes mellitus type 2B

Therapeutic measures

1. Intense dietary measures

  • Tea fasting or therapeutic fasting
  • Milk diet
  • Mild drainage and detoxification diet

2. Internal cleansing and detoxification measures

  • saline laxatives such as Epsom salt
  • Base broth
  • Alkaline mineral water
  • Colon hydrotherapy with various additives

3. Manual abdominal treatment according to F. X. Mayr



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