Oxygen Ozone Therapy / Oxygen Multistep Therapy


Oxygen - lifeblood no. 1, responsible for energy production in healthy body cells , with only few exceptions, is essential to a well functioning of our body. Oxygen deficit leads to increased fatigue, lethargy, cold hands and feet as well as impaired joie de vivre - zest for life.

Energy is created when all cells are supplied with oxygen.
Improved cellular respiration and thus enhanced energy production can be achieved by inhalation or blood admixture of neutral slightly ozone ionized oxygen.

Experimental theoretical and practical studies demonstrate that an oxygen therapy increases the so called phagocytic activity of immune cells. Consequently it is an important factor in immunological tumor defence. Furthermore, there is evidence that an increased oxygen supply can activate the body's own defence system.
Since cancer cells can use fermentation for energy production they don't need oxygen as healthy body cells do.
If a patient suffering an illness , does not prevent oxygen deficit or does not make sure oxygenation improves rapidly cancer cells have an advantage. The imbalanced level between cancer cells (function without oxygen) and healthy body cells (only function with oxygen) creates further damage.
Consequently, Oxygen therapy is equivalent to drug treatment.
There are different possibilities of oxygen therapy such as Oxygen Multistep Therapy (OMT) according to professor Ardenne and the Ozone therapy, e.g. the large ozone autohaemotherapy which is blood provided by the patient himself / herself enriched with ozone.

1. Oxygen Multistep Therapy (OMT) according to professor Ardenne

During OMT, the patient does physical exercise and breathes highly concentrated oxygen over a period of about 20 minutes while (e.g. Cardiac stress test).
Physical strain then stimulates an increased tissue respiration.
Cell respiration is enhanced and functions better. Also oxygen partial pressure is raised significantly. Eliminating potential oxygen deficits is our aim. Because even more or less latent oxygen deficits lead to various pathogenic effects and support a fast ageing process.

2. Ozone Therapy

Pure Medical Oxygen is to be distinguished clearly from free environmental ozone in the air. Ozone is depending on intensity and duration of exposure a toxic substance and has a poisoning effect on the epithel lung tissue.
This is why, pure medical oxygen is administered parentally and used for local and external treatment only.

In classical ozone treatment 100 ml of the patient's own blood is drawn into a vacuum bottle.
The patient's own blood is then enriched with about 2000 g to 3000 g of pure medical ozone. Thus, three excited oxygen atoms are used for energy production. The ozone formerly introduced into the blood decays firstly to oxygen, supporting cell respiration and secondly to water. This decomposition process releases energy which the patient uses instantly. Thus, the ozone treatment is very well suited for patients who can not perform straining physical exercise anymore.



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