Thymus gland therapy


Immunotherapy / regeneration therapy is only useful if deficits in immune defences are diagnosed at an early stage.
With advancing age a consistent weakening of the immune system is a natural process. During puberty, the thymus gland works at its full potential and afterwards the production of their antibodies (thymosin) decreases continuously. At the age of 50 years there is only about 20% of the thymus gland's power left compared to a 100% during puberty.
By the age of 70, the thymus gland has almost completely stopped production of antibodies.
Nowadays highly complex laboratory diagnostics partially allow to recognize and diagnose deficits in time and provide a possibility to intervene by means of immune therapies.

Fresh thymus extract (THX) can support a the tumor therapy successfully since it supplies the body with an adequate amount thymosins and reinitiates a successful immune defence against viruses, bacteria, etc.
Thymus peptides - contents of the thymus gland, can stimulate the immune system positively.
Thymus peptides are obtained by extraction from the thymus gland. They are not to be understood as "fresh cells".
For best results thymus drugs should be injected. Many age-related ailments can be reduced by regular doses of thymus injections. Physical consequences of chronic and severe diseases can be alleviated significantly.

Since thymus peptides do not act directly against one specific disease but rather stimulates and regulates the entire immune system of the body therapeutic applications are vast.
It can be used as preventive therapy for age-related diseases and infections from abrasions (e.g. arthroses), metabolic diseases (diabetes) etc.. However, it can also have therapeutic effects against allergies which cause hay fever, eczema and / or neurodermatitis. Furthermore it has a positive effect against autoimmune diseases for example rheumatism, chronic liver diseases. Finally it helps to balance out mental weariness and lethargy. Thymus gland therapy can help before and after treatment of serious diseases, major surgery and as a therapy accompanying cancer care.
The best effects have been shown in long-term Thymus gland therapies. In accordance with the patient's health and medical laboratory diagnosis the doses and intervals of drug injections are determined.

After an intense initial "booster-cure" refreshing injections at regular intervals are required in order to remain defence functional. Only after a short period of time patients feel more energetic and are less likely to catch infections such as colds.

In general the thymus gland therapy is safe and free of side effects.
Over and over again it is argued that the medical effects of a thymus gland therapy have not been scientifically tested.
However, there are more than 500 publications which discuss the effects and efficiency of thymus drugs.
Much to our regret there are hardly any more parenteral thymus drugs on the market. This fact is very unfortunate since it prevents "renowned scientists" from investigating and proving their positive effects. A future scientific appreciation is not to be expected in this context.




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